Demonbreed – Where Gods Come to Die (Death Metal)


Demonbreed delivers classic death metal. Together with Revel In Flesh I would suspect Demonbreed is the perfect example of German death metal paying tribute to old school Swedish death metal. Just how I thought Revel In Flesh’s latest album Emissary of All Plagues was wicked SweDeath from another country this is death metal at it’s finest form. Difference between Revel In Flesh and Demonbreed is mainly what era of Swedish death metal they are influenced by as Revel In Flesh is more towards the Entombed way and Demonbreed sounds much more like Centinex or Interment in my opinion (but with their own touch of course). Looking into the bands history this isn’t at all strange though. Demonbreed is spawned from the corpse of Lay Down Rotten, death metal band created in 1999.

There isn’t really much to complain at here, if you like death metal you will like Where Gods Come to Die. This is 45 minutes of great old school death metal, there is no denying it. I really like how old school death has got resurrected and you see more and more bands formed relatively recent who delivers sweet death. Demonbreed kicks ass and is a great example on how you can do old school death metal but keep it fresh and adding your own touch to it. Where Gods Come to Die is an album that can get a new generation into death metal (because lets face it some early death metal albums aren’t well produced compared to today’s standard). A must have for old school death metal fans.

Demonbreed’s debut album Where Gods Come to Die is out now from Testimony Records. Also never forget, only death is real.

For fans of: Centinex and Revel In Flesh
Favorite song: Perish

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