Herem – III (Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal)


Founded 2005 in Finland Herem has taken the underground by storm, getting top scores in Finnish magazines since the start. The bands third offering simply named III saw the light in december for the Finnish audience but wasn’t released internationally until January 13th 2017.

Harem has always seeked to progress in a broad range of musical themes and atmospheres, taking influences from stoner, slude and doom metal. Changing the mood and tempo ever so often on the five tracks with the relentless growls and shrieks of Valendis Suomalainen. Closest band I can relate to while listening to Herem is the now legendary band Wolves In The Throne Room. Not a bad feat. While listening I get a chilling feeling throughout the album that sometimes blasts out into riffs taking me back to the Black Sabbath age then back again. One of last years top albums Haunted by Khemmis did a great job at mixing these genres and ages of metal. Big difference between Khemmis and Herem for me is the vocals (Herem being more black metal and no clean singing) with Herem having more of a chilling feel to their music. Personally I like this take on stoner, sludge, doom more and I am sure many will feel the same.

Herem surprised me, I am not a big fan of neither stoner nor sludge metal but Herem’s mix of the genres and vocals really made me dig it. One thing is sure, more metalheads outside Finland needs to know about these guys! Herem’s third album III is out now from Inverse Records!

For fans of: Khemmis and Wolves In The Throne Room
Favorite song: Snakes Of The Third Moon


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