Boy Eats Girl – The Answer to Infection (Deathcore)


Australia, basically the main country of extreme music within the deathcore sphere. I first heard about the one man band due to the single She Shattered Like Glass a couple months ago but didn’t really look into the full EP until today. The Answer to Infection features six tracks and a total playtime of 20 minutes (the intro being a instrumental track). Boy Eats Girl is the solo project by Rick Pinto but he has brought some friends with him on his debut EP! Malleus Maleficarum features the upcoming talent Niko Apostolakis (Until We Die) and the title track The Answer to Infection features Ashton Head (TheSawneyBeanPhenomenon). Both doing great work on their respective tracks.

I like the samples within the songs as they add a horrifying touch to the whole album. Pinto has done a good job with his debut EP, instantly sending a message to the listener with it’s brutal music and extreme lyrics. You can be sure The Answer to Infection will be played on several deathcore playlists for quite some time to come.

For fans of: Until We Die and A Night in the Abyss
Favorite song: She Shattered Like Glass

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