Mental Cruelty – Pereat Mundus (Brutal Death Metal)


Dropping some insane downtempo and bree growls to kick the album off Mental Cruelty instantly shows they are the real deal. Mental Cruelty brings all kinds of pig squeals, gutturals and growls while slamming brutally. Beyond that they even got the time to stick in a sick guitar solo or two!

See this as a mix of slam and downtempo. Ingested having a love affair with Black Tongue creating a vile spawn made of hate and decomposed life. This is as brutal as it is good and grotesque. Switching from the fast and brutal slamming death metal to downtempo is an art for us sick metalheads and Mental Cruelty pulls it off really well. This coming from a completely new band that was formed the same year this album was released is awesome and I can’t wait for a full-length by these sick fucks!

In the meantime though be sure to check out these brutal Germans EP Pereat Mundus which is out now through Ghastly Music.

For fans of: Ingested and Black Tongue
Favorite song: Master Of The Void


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