My Darkest Hate – Anger Temple (Death Metal)


I was surprised when I stumbled upon My Darkest Hate through the Spotify weekly playlist. Not only had I never heard of the band before but they’ve been going since 1998 and plays a genre I love more than anything, death metal! I was honestly quite shocked but glad there that are so much good music out there that it is almost impossible to know of all good bands, even within your favorite genre.

My Darkest Hate hails from Germany and since the bands formation in 1998 one out of four members still remains since their debut album, Klaus Sperling on drums and the creator Jörg M. Knittel on guitar. Sperling is also known for his time in power metal bands Freedom Call and Primal Fear. My Darkest Hate plays old school death metal but not like the Swedish Entombed or Dismember sound, but think of bands like Centinex and Bolt Thrower instead. If you’re a fan of those bands you will feel right at home here.

I enjoyed my time with Anger Temple. It’s classical death metal to the very bones, well produced, great riffs and vocals. What can go wrong with that? Anger Temple is out now by Massacre Records. Sorry for the bad image quality of the album cover, I couldn’t find a good one.

For fans of: Centinex and Bolt Thrower
Favorite song: Awaken from Slumber


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