Oncology – Infinite Regress (Brutal Death Metal)


At first I was wondering about the name but a quick google search gave me the result that Oncology is the study and treatment of tumors. Question is though, can they do that with their brutal death metal? Answer is probably not but that doesn’t change the fact these guys can give you some crazy music instead.

Oncology brings the classic brutal death metal sound. There is no slam, deathcore or other elements but just the pure form of brutal death metal, and I love it. In times when talks about genres/labels is everywhere, wanting to stick out and mix different genres in the music industry it’s sometimes nice to just listen to an album that’s just classic old school.

This is extreme metal in the veins of legends such as Cryptopsy and Suffocation. Oncology can definitely be one of those bands that gets handed the bloody tourch once such veterans decide to take a step back. Rising Nemesis Records have done it again! Infinite Regress is a sweet album that originally went passed me last year but by now I know that Rising Nemesis Records comes with a stamp of quality.

Oncology’s debut full-length album Infinite Regress is out now from Rising Nemesis Records.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OncologyBand
For fans of: Suffocation and Cryptopsy
Favorite song: To Summon Pyriel

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