Human Vivisection – The Perpetual Gap (Brutal Death Metal)


I can’t say I’ve heard of any brutal death metal bands from Belgium before so I was stoked to see what Human Vivisection got to offer from, get this, the city of Bree (such a perfect name for a brutal band it’s insane). The road for the band has been a hard one because since the band was founded in 2012 by Roy Feyen Human Vivisection had trouble keeping a lineup so the band was quite fast put on ice. The in 2015 something happened, one after another Human Vivisection got new members joining who felt the same love for brutal death metal as Roy. At the end of 2015 The Perpetual Gap was recorded and mixed by the band itself, to eventually be released through Rising Nemesis Records (a label everyone should keep a close eye on) in May 2016.

The record is has a good mix of slam, brutality and plain groovy metal. Putting on The Perpetual Gap is a great way to get some headbanging action the more brutal way than regular death metal. You can not sit still to this one as you will soon start to drum and headbang yourself that’s for sure. I am glad to say that Belgium can produce brutal death metal with high quality and I hope to see more bands incoming, this is hopefully just the begining. I am also happy every time I hear a band on the brink of dying out rising up and produce something that’s really great. Because that’s exactly what this is, a great album that every brutal death metal fan should listen to.

For fans of: Analepsy and Xenomorphic Contamination
Favorite song: Feed the Warmachine


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