Creating the Godform – Odium (Deathcore)


Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa there is a new brutal down-tempo deathcore band in town called Creating the Godform. The band formed in 2016 and it didn’t take them long to release their first EP, Odium. Though it’s only 14 minutes long it shows a lot of promise from the band. Taking the down-tempo groovy sound from the likes of Black Tongue and brutal deathcore from Osiah, merging that into one entity and you get what Creating the Godform is about.

I am interested in seeing what Creating the Godform can do on a full-length release (hopefully in 2017?). Will they take their down-tempo brutal groovy deathcore to the next level? If they do will it be more towards the Black Tongue or Osiah sound? Or sticking to the mix, honing the craft. Time will tell and I liked what I heard on Odium so whatever road they choose I am sure it will be killer deathcore that will please any fan of the genre. Until then be sure to check out their EP Odium!

For fans of: Black Tongue and Osiah
Favorite song: Invasion


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