Decimated Humans – Dismantling the Decomposed Entities (Technical Brutal Death Metal)


Starting with the sound of a brutal death by some alien, apparently a sample from a video game, it lays the grounds for what is to come, and it is brutal torture by aliens! I got to know of Decimated Humans as I got some recommendations that they got some kind of progressive mix with their brutal death going on, just like Swine Overlord who hit me like a bulldozer the other day. Difference between the two bands though is this is more towards slam and less progressive but more techdeath. Good, technical and brutal nevertheless, just not as progressive as I had in my mind when I first heard of them.

Decimated Humans is an international two-piece band and Dismantling the Decomposed Entities is the sophomore release from the well received To Provoke Genocide, which came out two in 2014. I really like their technical take on brutal death and even though their sound have a lot in common with slam overlords Vulvodynia or Ingested they mix it up with some brutal tech Unfathomable Ruination vibes. Speaking of Vulvodynia and Ingested there are guest vocals on the album from Vulvodynia, Ingested, Goemagot and Disfigurement of Flesh. Some heavy hitters in the genre.

I am still in awe with how many good brutal death metal bands there are out there that I’ve never heard about. As much love Unfathomable Ruination and Vulvodynia releases got during 2016 Decimated Humans should be within those same talks, because this is bloody awesome. If you’re a fan of brutal or slam death metal and want it on the technical side then this is an album for you.

For fans of: Vulvodynia and Unfathomable Ruination
Favorite song: Consumed By Cadirus


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