Kratornas – Devoured by Damnation (Black/Grind Metal)


Satanic black/grind metal from the Philippines? Don’t mind if I do! Having been around since 1995 (1991 if you count Zamora) I dare say this has to be one of the oldest metal bands from the Philippines. Originally a 3-piece band for a very short time it’s mainly been a solo project by Zachariah until this album when GB Guzzarin joined on drums. During the bands eleven years this is just the third full-length release as Zachariah has mainly focused on demo’s and splits.

Kratornas delivers grindcore elements from Napalm Death, the oldest raw black metal you can think of (Bathory, Beherit etc) and mixing it with a smitch of Sodom to create this devilish sound. It’s fast, it’s brutal, it’s satanic and evil. It’s exactly what you expect from Kratornas.

Want your music raw, primitive and fast with a lot of different elements combining genres then Kratornas latest release Devoured by Damnation is what you’re looking for.

For fans of: Bathory and Beherit
Favorite song: Archangels of Destruction


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