Theory In Practice – Crescendo Dezign (Technical Death Metal)


Swedens very own techdeath veterans Theory In Practice are back to start the new year with an EP called Crescendo Dezign. The EP is actually the bands comeback after being on a hiatus since 2002, so it’s been a long ass wait! Since then the band have lost drummer Henrik Ohlsson, who went and helped form Scar Symmetry, bass/keyboardist Mattias Engstrand and guitarist/vocalist Johan Ekman who were all original members. Joining them we have vocalist Andreas Lyngmo with Peter Lake now having both guitar and bass duty and his brother Patrik Sjöberg on drums to switch it up a little after losing some members.

Even with this long hiatus and loss of members Theory In Practice have made a solid EP. The songs are very complex and technical, changing tempo every so often which will leave techdeath fans drooling. Tracks like Abstract Entities could very well be the work of techdeath legends The Faceless and to top it of you have the almighty Trevor Strnad (The Black Dahlia Murder) featuring on Cyrobiological Expansion, and he does a superb job.

Technical death metal had a great year in 2016 and it’s already off to a good start for 2017!

For fans of: Obscura and Martyr
Favorite song: Cyrobiological Expansion


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