Brutal Mutilation – Human Sacrifice (Brutal Death Metal)


An international (Germany and Turkey) two-piece brutal death metal band has emerged with their, very short, EP Human Sacrifice. Clocking only six minutes this is by far the shortest EP I’ve ever reviewed which is a shame since the three songs (well one can basically be called an intro) you get are good and there is a lot of potential in Brutal Mutilation that I hope shines in a future full-length release.

It’s brutal, fast metal with deep growling as fans of brutal death metal are used to by now. The drumming goes faster than a speeding train and the down-tempo guitar sound that goes with it makes the songs great for headbanging. When listening to Human Sacrifice take it as a teaser for what is to come from Brutal Mutilation, which by the sound of it can be something great.

For fans of: Cryptopsy and Skinless
Favorite song: Rotting Bodies


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