Mistur – In Memoriam (Melodic Black Metal)


Norway’s Mistur has been one of the countries rising black metal stars since their debut Attende in 2009. Which isn’t really strange when the band features ex-Windir, ex-Sigtyr, Galar and Vreid members so it’s basically a black metal super group. Their sophomore album In Memoriam had a lot to live up to due to this and I can say straight away that it does live up to the hype.

Downfall starts off with some of the greatest riffs I’ve heard and is very catchy, almost Dimmu Borgir like. An instant anthem the band will play live for many years to come for sure. The follow-up Distant Peaks is a lot darker and reminds me more of Windir and Mistur keeps on bringing killer riffs while mixing the old school raw black metal sound with melodic black metal throughout In Memoriam.

I liked their first album and safe to say Mistur keeps the fire going with In Memoriam. Every metalhead loves great riffs and Mistur are bringing the action tenfold on every track. A solid follow-up which won’t let you down.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MisturOfficial
For fans of: Windir and Kampfar
Favorite song: Firstborn Son


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