Decomposition of Entrails – Pestilential Synthesis (Brutal Death Metal)


Russian goremasters Decomposition of Entrails are back with their slamming brutal death metal and they are just as sick as ever! The original duo Rustam Minuraziev and Kirill Nazarov are this times joined with guitarist Dmitriy Ustinov and I dare to say this is better than their debut album Perverted Torments. A fun fact is that the band turns four years old in just four days, so I almost clocked their birthday when finding out they had made a new release in 2016 at the right time. Oh and if you wonder how these bastards got so freaking brutal it’s due to the band formed in 2013 in the depths of the harsh Ural Mountains. Obviously you would get a bit twisted, sick and vile getting a joy out of gore as a result of it.

I missed a lot of good brutal death metal last year, Decomposition of Entrails sophomore Pestilential Synthesis being one of those. This was definitely one of the better BDM releases last year that you shouldn’t miss. There will be a lot of brutal death metal reviews coming these next days and I advice you to check all those demented and twisted bands out, starting with Decomposition of Entrails!

For fans of: Whoretopsy and Analepsy
Favorite song: Epicyclic Biomorph


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