Midvinterblot – Skymning (Folk Metal)


Singing in Swedish with tales about nature, drinking, trolls and other folklore you got the ingredients for a folk metal feast. Having some of the members being ex-Mist of Misery members, a band that just about missed my top 20 list last year but probably should have been (mistakes happens), my hopes for some epic folk metal was high. Midvinterblot bring influences from many of mine, and probably yours, favorite folk metal acts such as Eluveitie, Svartsot, Korpiklaani, Grimner, Finntroll and Fejd (who’s latest album Trolldom I reviewed when I just started this blog). Not only that their styles resemblance to Månegarm, which some of you might know is one of my all-time favorite bands, is sometimes uncanny.

As you can tell they are in good company with top notch bands. As the bands story goes they were mainly focused on live gigs to begin with which resulted in only one demo during their first five years as a band, along with some lineup changes. However past two years they’ve been hitting their stride, first releasing their EP Gryning in 2015 and just a couple months ago their debut full-length Skymning. Both the EP and the full-length having proved to be really good and I will be surprised if Midvinterblot doesn’t make a giant leap and climb that folk metal pillar during 2017 as their album reaches more people.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Midvinterblot
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/midvinterblot
For fans of: Fejd and Månegarm
Favorite song: Gammeldans

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