The King is Blind – Our Father (Doom/Death Metal)


Having not heard about The King is Blind before Our Father came as a complete surprise and definitely an album I missed last year. The band features ex-members of Ipswich legends Extreme Noise Terror and Cradle of Filth as well as the short-lived Entwined, so you can tell The King is Blind got some serious musicians behind them with a lot of experience.

Starting out with blasting riffs, a great solo and low growls on Genesis Refracted you instantly get hit with the power that is The King is Blind. And the good part is they never stop! With the first two tracks being more towards the fast and groovy death metal sound they change it up on Mors Somnis to down-tempo doom, and they do so really well. At times they even bring in black metal influences, like on the track Mourning Light. They keep on mixing the genres throughout the whole album, which makes it more diverse and ready for many spins in your stereo.

I am actually amazed this went by my radar during 2016, seeing as it was released early in the year I had a long time finding out about it but never did. Better late than never though and this little gem will do well in your stereo as well as it did in mine.

For fans of: Vallenfyre and Inverloch
Favorite song: Fragility Becomes Wrath


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