Coldborn – Lingering Voidwards (Black Metal)


Coldborn is the brainchild and soloproject of Norgaath. Norgaath is a very active and creative user of the black arts in music as he is also active in Nightbringer, Grimfaug and Onirik. Being from Belgium and really active within the scene it is no surprise it has attracted a very known musician to join him on this debut album. Joining him on drums is no one other than Belgiums black metal pride Enthroned’s Menthor on drums.

Starting off the five tracks of Lingering Voidwards is the almost 13 minutes long The Call of Death’s Clarion. The feeling you instantly get is being alone in the dark cold winter, fitting for the bands name. Soundwise this is very old school early 90’s black metal worship. My mind wander towards legends like Emperor, Immortal and Darkthrone as I listen to this album. Which is of course a good grade just that.

All in all Lingering Voidwards is a good black metal album for anyone wanting to experience the old school sound. And with this album I also wish every metalhead a Happy New Year!

For fans of: Emperor and Darkthrone
Favorite song: In Solitude

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