Usurpress – The Regal Tribe (Death Metal)


Usurpress, a band that’s been climbing the swedish death metal ladder these past six years with every single release. Started their career with doing a split with Bombs of Hades, they have come quite far since then. Releasing two well received full-length prior to The Regal Tribe there seems to be no stopping Usurpress from climbing even further.

The Regal Tribe keeps up their flow of well made classic death metal. The song-writing is great, riffs awesome and vocals growls deep and hard. What makes Usurpress stick out a bit from the regular swedish death metal bands is their instrumental tracks that works as a sort of intermission between the settings of songs. I really dig it but it may sound out of place to some.

Usurpress has made yet another good album. While it’s not among the best death metal releases of the year they do keep a very high quality and you can not go wrong with picking any of their albums up. Meaning fans of classic death metal this is an album for you!

For fans of: Bombs of Hades and Revel in Flesh
Favorite song: The Sin That Is Mine


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