Unlight – Antihelion (Black Metal)


Antihelion is the bands 7th satanic black opus. As you can tell by the number of albums they’ve released Unlight are no new blood to the black metal scene. In fact they are one of the long running ones from Germany, being formed in 1997. Worth mentioning is that one of their favorite bands are Bathory according to their info page. Who wouldn’t get their hopes up then right? As a matter of fact this is my first time listening to the band but after Antihelion I am looking forward to dig into their discography.

Unlight takes influences from all kinds of genres actually, not solely black metal, as there are also death and trash parts in there at times. The riffs in The Bone Trumpet for example does not really scream black metal but it got some serious punch to it nevertheless. All in all I liked this album, it’s fast and heavy, melodic, blastering drums, killer riffs and great vocals. What is there not to like then?

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/unlight.org
For fans of: Urgehal and Enthroned
Favorite song: Apollyon Nadir

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