Krypts – Remnants of Expansion (Death/Doom Metal)


I have a few bonus reviews before the year ends due to some friends told me to check these albums out. I am glad they did!

The veterans from Finland Krypts sophomore full-length album (weird to say from a band that’s existed for eight years) album Remnants of Expansion is all about gloom and darkness. Very fitting their Lovecraft horror theme. Kypts have always played a slower tempo of death metal, sometimes on the verge of being doom or sludge, and they keep that horrifying sound going on Remnants of Expansion.

It’s darkness and doom come alive through music. This isn’t the first Lovercraft inspired band I review this year actually (check out Grond) but I have to say Krypts is the band that truly makes his work justice in the music format that I’ve witnessed so far. From start to finish Remnants of Expansion gives me an feeling of unease which was exactly what I was hoping for in an album with a horror theme.

Finland seems to be masters when it comes the doom and gloom sound. Having Krypts among the Finnish legion of doom only strengthens this view and if you haven’t come across Krypts before now is definitely the time.

For fans of: Disma and Incantation
Favorite song: The Withering Titan


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