Gutter Instinct – Age of the Fanatics (Death/Black Metal)


Becoming a local favorite of mine Gutter Instinct (I will see them live in February together with legendary Deranged and Armory which will hopefully be insane) has a take on death metal that’s more black than the regular swedish death metal sound. While it still draw a lot of influences from the likes of Grave, Entombed and Dismember their main influences are bands such as Bölzer, Teitanblood and Portal. Which you will hear straight away from the utmost chaos that’s going on mixing death and black. See it as a Portal to the Grave, excuse the pun.

Gutter Instinct’s debut is a great one and they are a band to watch out for. Their death metal chaos takes influences from many different bands to create something I haven’t really heard from swedish soil before and it’s a joy to listen to. The intro to Death Cult for example has the typical black metal sound to it while Age of the Fanatics draw more towards death metal and it’s exactly this mix that makes Gutter Instinct stand out and why Age of the Fanatics is on rewind again and again. I find not too many swedish bands daring to create their own death metal sound so that alone adds points in Gutter Instincts favour.

Only negative thing I got to say about the album is that the consistency could be better. While it is a good album and I enjoy listening to it, it has some highs and lows in my opinion. Still though it is a debut album and when they peak they peak towards the very top and it’s just a couple of songs I find out of place. Gutter Instinct has released some very memorable songs to headbang to and this band will be on my radar for years to come to see what they come up with next!

This will be my last review for 2016 and also a nice way to start off what I will do in 2017. Because 2017 I am making a change. I will only review bands from Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden to keep it more local. My best of 2016 list will be coming out shortly after Christmas. Merry Christmas metalheads!

For fans of: Grave and Portal
Favorite song: Death Cult


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