Blasphemer – Ritual Theophagy (Brutal Death Metal)


Brutal death metal with a lyrical theme heavily about anti-religion and death from Italy? That’s blasphemy! Good thing they named themself Blasphemer then. Jokes aside I found it fitting from a country I associate with Christianity. So who are Blasphemer? I had never heard about them before and only reason I came across them was due to Unfathomable Ruination posting about their latest release Ritual Theophagy on their facebook page. Sometimes social media can really help spreading the good music out! Anyways Blasphemer have existed for quite some time actually, being formed in 1998 but only released one full-length album prior to this release, On the Inexistence of God in 2008. So if they keep this tempo up it might be another eight to ten years until the next release. Which I certainly hope not.

The lyrics are vile and revolting. The whole feeling of the album actually makes me think of one of Lucifer’s favorites, Belphegor. Granted the music in itself is more towards Dying Fetus brutal death metal sound I guess you could say those two bands had a bastard while touring together in Italy, and that bastards name is Blasphemer. Blasphemer is now back angry as fuck and ready to spread their worship of the void just like their parents does. Only issue I got with Ritual Theophagy is the lenght, being 11 tracks but only clocking 28 minutes. However those 11 tracks being all of great quality I can’t really compain too much.

If you want an grotesque and evil brutal death metal album this year in the veins of Dying Fetus and Belphegor then Blasphemer’s sophomore release Ritual Theophagy will be something to put on to get into the right mood for Christmas.

For fans of: Dying Fetus and Belphegor
Favorite song: Obscuring the Holy Light


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