Nordjevel – Nordjevel (Black Metal)


Ah Norwegian black metal. The sound of thundering drums ripping your soul appart with the furious speed is something black metal have perfected since years back. Nordjevel was formed last year and consists of some newer blood within the scene but that have already made names for themselves. Or what about the Fredrik Widigs (Marduk and ex-Demonical) on drums, Svein-Ivar Sarassen (ex-Ragnarok) on bass joined together by the two creators of the band Doedsadmiral (Svartelder, who also released a great album this year) and Jørn Øyhus (Fatal Impact). That’s some heavy hitters right there.

What came out from this devilish pact is nothing short but one of the best black metal albums of the year. Everyone in the band is bringing their a-game and every single song on the album is another piece of great black metal that will go wild in speakers everywhere for years to come. In typical black metal manner Nordjevel has also made some of the songs having lyrics in their mother tongue Norwegian!

For a debut album this is wicked. Nordjevel has risen fast from the pits of hell and produced this selftitled darkness you just got to dig into.

For fans of: Immortal and Marduk
Favorite song: The Shadows of Morbid Hunger


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