Brutally Deceased – Satanic Corpse (Death Metal)


Another one of those really horrifying album covers, and yet artistic, that grabs your attention. The Czech’s got their band name after a song by the Swedish death metal band Grave. That in itself made a Swede like myself almost jump with joy, as Grave is one of my go to bands when I want to listen to classic death metal. And yes Brutally Deceased does take a lot of their influences from the old school Swedish death metal sound, which for me is all good as it is the type of death metal I love and grew up with. Nice to know the Czech Republic got some wicked death metal bands coming from the underground.

Brutally Deceased makes a fine job getting that old school feel on Satanic Corpse and I can’t help but to headbang thinking I am back in my teens and re-discovering Grave. While Brutally Deceased does not reinvent the wheel of death metal it doesn’t matter, as they bring a lot of energy and well produced death metal. I mean what can go wrong when you bring the filthy death in a great package that’s worked for over 30 years? If it aint broke, don’t fix it. The 30 minutes of old school death Brutally Deceased gives you with Satanic Corpse should satisfy any fan of the genre.

For fans of: Grave and Dismember
Favorite song: At One with the Dead


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