First Fragment – Dasein (Technical Death Metal)


Oh wow. I’ve heard about First Fragment before and seen them on some “best of 2016” lists but for some reason I haven’t taken the time to review Dasein, until now. The Canadians, from Quebec, sings in French which I sadly don’t understand a word of. The good thing is though, you don’t need to! The music speaks for itself and the way the deadly guitar duo Philippe “Pat” Tougas and Nick Miller uses their instruments to open a gateway to a whole new world is nothing short but beautiful.

First Fragment switches the tempo so nicely and smooth like a babies butt, the origin of the music even changes. For example the intro of L’entité sounds like it was the intro to some flamingo dance and then switches tempo to almost an symphony like play, while 3.40 in playing something that makes me think it could be a Castlevania metal remaster. Great musicianship at work.

If you like your metal technical, with a lot of awesome solos and where the instruments are the main focus then First Fragment – Dasein will be the album you want this year.

For fans of: Archspire and The Zenith Passage
Favorite song: L’entité


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