Sons of Balaur – Tenebris Deos (Black Metal)


Get ready for the Sons of Balaur! Black metal horror and the cult followers of the vampire Balaur! When I read their description and history of the band on facebook (EVERYONE should do this as it is epic!) I immediately fell in love with the band and their take on black metal. Sons of Balaur is actually a fictional Norwegian band taken from the graphic novel Realm of the Damned. Funny enough the band played on the release for that graphic novel’s animated motion comic (which features voices from Huntress, Cradle of Filth and a former Morbid Angel member).

I think this is something quite unique to do (even though it has happened at least once before I can imagine), making a fictional band come to reality. It just makes all the background story of the band and getting into it before even starting to listen even more fun in my opinion. The music in itself you should take very serious though and not just see it as a . This is great black metal with that old school Norway touch (band is located in the UK though), however well produced and doesn’t really have that “dirty” sound. Which is fine by me and I enjoyed listening to this, as well as reading up on the band and history. I even got interested in reading the graphic novel to know more about the Sons of Balaur. With that said I say well done! The band has really done it’s job on creating hype around the world from Realm of the Dead, along with creating some great music that could stand well on its own.

For fans of: Netherbird and Khonsu
Favorite song: The Curse of Bloodlust


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