Imperial Crypt – Fate of the All-Father (Blackened Death Metal)


At first I saw this on metal-archives “The name Imperial Crypt is derived from the historical mausoleum in Vienna Austria that houses the remains of the Habsburg Monarchy who ruled over the Holy Roman Empire for over 700 years. The name is meant to symbolize the death of theocratic states, Roman influence on European history, as well as religion itself.”. Anti-Religion and history influences woho! Fate of the All-Father is a concept album inspired by the fall of the Roman Empire and the Norse myth of Ragnarok, as a Swede and history lover Imperial Crypt got my interest straight away.

Fate of the All-Father is a concept album about Donar, the German god of thunder who recounts the Christianization of Europe and its tragic consequences. Alongside his huntsmen, barbarian kings and warriors of legend, he is tortured in the abyss and awaits his day of revenge for the death of his father. This is taken from the Imperial Crypt’s description about the album. I’ve always been a fan of concept albums and if done right they can be a really great listen. A story to be told true music. Imperial Crypt really does this well as between the songs they narrate the story and what’s happened/happening next then blasting out with their blackened death metal.

Story aside, even how cool it might be, the music in itself is also great. If you like melodic death metal the viking way like Amon Amarth, Ensiferum topped with the more black metal sounding Enslaved then Imperial Crypt’s debut Fate of the All-Father might be exactly the new band you’ve been looking for.

For fans of: Ensiferum and Enslaved
Favorite song: A Shrine of Moloch


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