Trees of Eternity – Hour of the Nightingale (Doom Metal)


What do you get if you take some of the best doom musicians from Sweden and Finland? You get Trees of Eternity! Featuring members who’s played or play for heavy hitting doom bands such as October Tide, Swallow the Sun, Wintersun and Katatonia you can’t call this anything else than a doom super group. What’s sad with this project, which started in 2009 but Hour of the Nightingale is the bands debut, is that this will be the one and only release with the singer Aleah Liane Stanbridge. She sadly passed away after a long struggle against cancer in April this year.

The album reflects the true doom metal sound. It’s very dark and gloom, got a haunting feeling to it and Aleah’s voice together with the doom veterans instrumental play is just out of this earth. You can’t help but to feel sadden and think about all the love and sorrow you will or have experienced in life, even onto death.

This is a different type of doom metal than for example October Tide as this is not infused with death metal and consists of clean singing. Hour of the Nightingale is definitely one of the best doom albums of 2016, depending if you want your doom metal with death metal influences, clean singing or with growl your vote might differ. What I do know though is that Trees of Eternity has made a superb debut and it’s a crying shame that the band won’t feature Aleah’s beautiful voice yet again.

For fans of: Swallow the Sun and Draconian
Favorite song: Eye of Night


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