Khemmis – Hunted (Doom Metal)


Just a year after their debut Absolution Khemmis are already back with the sophomore release Hunted. One could think that Khemmis, who by the way are named after an ancient Egyptian city, were rushing things and that the quality might have lowered since Absolution. This is not the case at all though! Quite the oposite, Khemmis has refined their sound and their solid musicianship with the behemoth riffs are just as good as last year if not even better. The emotions lashing out off the instruments hitting you head on is a thing of beauty and sometimes you might even hear the mighty Gods of Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden influence, or even possess, Khemmis as there is no way a new band can pull out two great albums in two years. I mean think about it, the band formed in 2012, released an EP in 2013, at this stage still rather unknown, then just bam Absolution hits and they are in the running for album of the year award. As a debut that’s sick of course, but releasing an album next year to be in the running for album of the year again, that’s just maddness!

Khemmis keeps on surprising and they might just take the doom metal genre to new hights with their majestic display of classic rock and doom made into one. Not only is the music top notch and catchy, the album artwork is stunning which alone should grant this album a place in your collection.

For fans of: Pallbearer and Conan
Favorite song: Three Gates


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