Inherit Disease – Ephemeral (Brutal Death Metal)


The heavy slamming Americans in Inherit Disease are back! It’s been six years since their last hard hitting album Visceral Transcendence came out and I was almost thinking the band had called it quits due to the long absence. Instead the get back hitting me straight in the face with brutal force! Be warned Ephemeral is not for the faint of heart. This is brutal death metal in it’s rawest heaviest form, American style. Obie Flett is just as visceral as ever in his insanly deep growling technique, just as Josh Welling’s grooves on the bass sticks out putting the tempo just right (which is brutal as fuck). Dan Osborn should get an award for keeping the insane drumming up without dying while doing so. Lets not forget the guitar duo Derek De Roos and the bands newest member and album debut Tom Wilson who seems to be the apocalyptic riders duo Death and War taking human form blessing us with their riffs.

Inherit Disease continues their Man vs Machine theme and it’s just as cool as ever. Very fitting to their brutal death metal style as well. These is not a single bad track on this album either, it was worth the six years waiting. If you are an Inherit Disease fan you are going to love Ephemeral. If you haven’t heard Inherit Disease before then get ready to get your mind blown by the sheer brutality they unleash.

For fans of: Defeated Sanity and Wormed
Favorite song: Drone


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