Defeated Sanity – Disposal of the Dead // Dharmata (Brutal/Technical Death Metal)


Defeated Sanity is one of the oldest running brutal death metal bands still going, having formed in 1994. Defeated Sanity have changed vocalist quite often during the years and it’s now up to Josh Welshman to take after the long line of vocalists. When I started writing this I was three songs in and Josh is doing a fine job, to me personally this is the best Defeated Sanity has sounded. Which is no bad feat seeing the history the band got with a great discography and famous within the metal underground.

What makes Defeated Sanity special (except that they change vocalist a lot and yet stay top tier) is that they take their time between releases. Making the fans getting hyped for a long time and doesn’t leave anything to chance. Their releases have always been very solid, as is Disposal of the Dead // Dharmata. The album is full of surprises, as Defeated Sanity has managed something I am unsure if any band has done before. A split album with themself. Disposal of the Dead being the brutal death metal part, bringing all the classic brutality we all love with the highlight being The Bell. Dharmata is the second part which gives us the bands technical death metal side, where At One With Wrath is the high point. I really like this concept and it just shows what Defeated Sanity can do.

Going over to Dharmata much of the brutality and deep pits of hell growling is changed to a more progressive technical sound. I myself am more of a fan of the Disposal of the Dead sound than Dharmata but just the fact that you get both on a full-length album is wicked. I am sure many of you out there will think just the oposite. I am also sure that this is an album you need in your collection as it features some of the best riffs, grooves, vocals this year. You name it Defeated Sanity got it and their showcase of talent is supreme.

For fans of: Suffocation and Wormed
Favorite song: The Bell

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