Walking Dead on Broadway – Slaves (Deathcore)


German deathcore powerhouse Walking Dead on Broadway are back with their sophomore release Slaves. Aeshma was actually one of my first albums I heard within deathcore that wasn’t Suicide Silence or Whitechapel and got me looking into more deathcore bands. Having that in mind I’ve been stoked to see what they would have in store next.

Well you can call me a happy metalhead! They sound just as melodic yet got that devilish groovy slam. Keeping intact what made me like Walking Dead on Broadway to begin with. Since my first run in with the band though I’ve had to the time discover a lot of different deathcore bands. Which makes me wonder, does Walking Dead on Broadway sound too much like Whitechapel? Up to the listener to decide of course and it has to be said it isn’t a bad thing. Whitechapel rules and has made a big difference for the deathcore genre, it’s not strange for bands to have them as a major influence. It’s just something I reflected on but is probably also the main reason I started listening to the band to begin with. As I said this isn’t a bad thing.

Anyways, sounding like Whitechapel or not Walking Dead on Broadway delivers a great deathcore album. From the intro (which I can see them use every time they are about to go on stage) until Scapegoat it’s straight up punishing deathcore like you would expect. Then with the song 110010 they even brings in a wicked, intermission you can call it, that later goes into the thundering The Sinner. This is the highlight of the album for me and the last three tracks are the best ones I’ve heard from Walking Dead on Broadway. The tracks stick out in a good way which makes Slaves an even more wicked deathcore album and any fan of the genre should grab this straight away.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wdobmetal
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/WDOB_BAND
For fans of: Whitechapel and I Shall Devour
Favorite song: The Sinner


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