Krepitus – The Eyes of the Soulless (Death/Trash Metal)


Bone crushing death-fused trash. If that was a genre in itself I would stick Krepitus in it straight away. This is pedal to the medal, technical riffs with fierce vocals. This is exactly the type of metal I want playing when lifting iron at the gym, just as much I want it playing while getting that mosh pit going. After their two starting tracks being more on the trashy lets get hyped side they slow it down on Exile, turning it more melodical Dark Tranquility style. The solo 5 min in still gives me goosebumps, just as they did again with the outro on the song!

After just listening to the first three songs I am already set to say that Krepitus got some of the best riffs I’ve heard this year. Krepitus have really hit me like Odin’s thunder from above with their trashy riffing style and I keep getting every single positive word that exists in the dictionary while listening to The Eyes of the Soulless.

Krepitus has got themself a new fan straight off the bat with their debut album The Eyes of the Soulless. They have created a perfect mix of death and trash which I encourage everyone to dig into. This is not just one of the best debut albums of the year but one of the best releases in 2016 period.

For fans of: Death and Dark Tranquility
Favorite song: Exile


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