The Last Ten Seconds of Life – The Violent Sound (Deathcore)


Starting off with immense riffs, heavy groovy bass, deep growls and even great clean vocals Little Black Line takes The Last Ten Seconds of Life into a new direction and I love it. This might not be as “heavy and brutal” if you want your music without any cleans but oh are you missing out then. Slowing it down a notch but still keeping it very groovy/heavy (to be fair TLTSOF have always been more about the slow groove) and adding cleans for me just takes the band to a level and make them stand out from your general deathcore. So I salute them for doing that, granted I can see a few old school fans thinking this is a wrong move I think it is good they are trying to evolve.

With that said they still got some songs on the album that got their old sound without any cleans, like Bloodlust. Then you got Casanova which gives me an Marilyn Manson feeling. So there is a song on the album both for old and new fans alike. Having a diversity on the album is what’s keeping this album fresh and The Violent Sound will be playing in my stereo for years to come due to that, which might not be the case on some of the more generic deathcore bands I might like today for example. Taste in music changes and sometimes the bands changes with your taste. I think The Last Ten Seconds of Life might just have pulled that off just at the right time in their career.

For fans of: Fit For An Autopsy and Lorna Shore
Favorite song: Little Black Line


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