Insision – Terminal Reckoning (Brutal Death Metal)


From one non-Swedish sounding death metal to the other we have Insision today. Difference between Insision and Volturyon is that while Volturyon still keep some of the Swedish death metal sound Insision does not and instead sound almost more American in their take on death metal. Just like the sound brutal death metal lords Deranged started with in Sweden in the early 90’s Insision is keeping the spirit up and have been going for almost 20 years now. Various lineup changes have happened during the years and it’s taken some time for the band to find a stable lineup. Daniel Ekeroth for example left the band due to his writing (he wrote the book “Swedish Death Metal”) and publishing schedule taking too much of his time. Hence 9 years between the latest release Ikon and Terminal Reckoning.

Now the band is back in action though and dare I say stronger than ever! The bands experience sure shows as there is literally not a single track you would want to skip. From the hammering speed in Infected to the slower tempo Old Ways there is greatness within. Carl Birath being as vile as ever in his growling, Roger Johansson just as sick on solos as you remember and the new blood in Gustav Trodin, Ljusebring Terrorblaster (Division Vansinne, who I reviewed some time ago) and Adam Ramis seems to fit in just nicely with the duo.

This is 35 minutes of solid old school brutal death metal and that in itself is quite rare these days. Want to listen how Sweden can create brutal death metal? Then grab Insision’s fourth full-length Terminal Reckoning today!

For fans of: Deranged and Vile
Favorite song: Old Ways


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