Volturyon – Cleansed by Carnage (Death Metal)


Volturyon comes from Sweden and plays not what I would like to call your generic Swedish death metal sound. If you think you will get an Entombed or Dismember experience you are quite far from the truth as this is a more brutal technical death metal experience than you might be used to from Sweden, while still keeping that grooviness. These guys got more in common with bands like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Decapitated than any generic old school Swedish death metal band. Closest you can come in Sweden I would think is my local favorites Deranged (more on their latest release in an upcoming blog post) and the now split-up Vomitory.

The band features one of my favorite vocalists Alexander Högbom (Centinex, October Tide) and I might even go as far as saying this is his best performance yet! He just seems even more on point than usually with the more fast brutal sound seeming to fit him like a glove. Adding the long-time members Christian Netzell (ex-In Mourning) on blasting drums, Johan Gustafsson (Fimbultyr) together with Andreas Olander bringing the relentless guitar solos and their latest member Oskar Pålsson putting the bass grove all of a sudden you got the formula of a great brutal death metal band.

Volturyon has evolved loads since their debut album from 2008 Blood Cure with their new lineup and sound. It’s an development that’s been fun to follow and this headbang friendly album Cleansed by Carnage is a most have for every death metal fanatic out there.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Volturyon
For fans of: Deicide and Decapitated
Favorite song: To Starve You


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