Fimbultyr – Niddikter (Black Metal)


The name might sound weird to many but ‘Fimbultyr’ is one of Odin’s many by-names and translates to “Mighty God”. As a Swede and one who loves Norse mythology I find that intriguing. The band is, as you might guess, from Sweden and their lyrics is solely in Swedish. They play black metal with a lot of focus on viking lore. Think Thyrfing, Mithotyn and old Månegarm and you’re on the right track but they do have their own unique sound.

One thing I noticed quickly is that their songs isn’t the same type of sound through the whole album. In a good way that is, as I think the sound changes just enough to make it sound like their own but not too much to make it sound like they just tried too much for them to stand out as it still has a flow. Fimbultyr got some very talented musicians within their ranks that’s for sure. Almost like the jomsvikings went and created a metal band.

Every song tells their own story and seeing how good the music is that goes with the story this album is something you do not want to miss out on! Behold Hel’s army that is Fimbultyr!

For fans of: Thyrfing and Månegarm
Favorite song: Lindisfarne


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