The Healing – Elevate (Progressive Metalcore)


Canadian band The Healing’s follow-up to the debut EP Transcendence got released this year and it takes the band to a new level. Elevate is a great mixture of melodic metal with progressive touches. The growls are great and takes me back to my period of listening to In The Midst Of Lions and Pathways whereas the cleans are sweet as well. I do think the strength of The Healing lays in their progressive style of metalcore though as it makes them stick out to your average metalcore band (just like I thought Alaska did it well on their release).

I think Elevate is a step in the right direction for The Healing and it will be fun to see them evolve even more with their next album. Until then though be sure to grab Elevate and get to know progressive metalcore The Healing way.

For fans of: Invent, Animate and Pathways
Favorite song: Esoteric


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