Kyy – Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death (Black Metal)


Kyy, the Finnish word for viper, and as you can probably guess are from Finland as well. Kyy is a rather new band from the land of thousand lakes having formed in 2013 and releasing an EP prior this album. Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death is the bands full-length debut.

Kyy is the definition of black metal lyrical wise, having satanism as their main topic. That said they do differ and stand out from, what I think, is the general black metal bands you might think of like Tsjuder, Gorgoroth and Mayhem. Instead Kyy plays a more wickedly black n roll type of black metal, a concept I generally like within black metal but not too many seem to do. The album is well produced but not over-produced as it keeps the “dirty” sound you expect in a black metal album without sounding too unpolished or shining like a sparkling diamond (black metal should not do that). I think production within black metal is tough to hit the right level on, as I personally am quite picky with how dirty or refined it should sound. Kyy has hit the right level I want though which instantly makes it easier for me to headbang to right from the start.

I was close to going to Mörkaste Småland earlier this year, which is also where I first heard of the band Kyy as they were on the lineup. I was not completely sold on their EP Travesty of Light but I thought the band had a lot of potential. With Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death I think Kyy has came a lot closer to fully unlock that potential and they are definitely a band you should have on your radar from now on.

For fans of: Baptism and Korgonthurus
Favorite song: Bloodline of Edom


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