Alaska – Subsequent (Metalcore/Post-Hardcore)


I’ve never heard of Alaska before, they basically came to me as a gift from the Spotify discover weekly and I am very glad they did. The song I got in my discover weekly playlist was the opening track on Subsequent, Hegemony and I was instantly hooked. Not only was the song great but the album cover is so beautiful and clean. One of the best album covers I’ve ever seen.

So who are Alaska? They come from Paris a city that’s produced many great bands such as Betraying the Martys and As They Burn. Alaska being no exception and just adds to the list of top tier metal bands the city has produced. As I’ve stated before I haven’t really heard many newer bands that adds to the metalcore scene these past years and it’s been kind of stale for a while. This year has been great so far though with first Beacons and Invent, Animate releasing great albums and now we have a wicked debut album in Subsequent that is easily in the running for best metalcore release of the year. On their first try nevertheless!

Alaska sticks out from other metalcore bands as they are more on the progressive side, at times making me think of their fellow countrymen Gojira. Even adding a pure instrumental track Juvenoia, something that’s very rare in the metalcore scene but very common in prog. Album cover alone makes Subsequent an album you want on your shelf just for the looks. With or without the cover art though this is one of the best debut albums of the year and Alaska is a band everyone should know who they are very soon.

For fans of: Carcer City and The Healing
Favorite song: Midnight Sun


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