Traitors – Mental State (Deathcore)


Mental State starts in 120km/h and it never stopps. You can be sure that Traitors brings you 36 minutes of pure, fast, groovy deathcore. I’ve never actually been a big fan of Traitors, up until now that is. I think Mental State is a milestone in their discography and it has certainly got me into listening to their older stuff more. That in itself is a good grade for an album.

The lyrics are angry and hits on many important subjects in todays society about how people act and behave towards others. Great lyrics are only as good as the performance of them though and Traitors will make sure you headband while they lash out some truth. The whole album just feels so complete and on point on what a lot of people need to hear and get into their heads.

All in all Mental State really got to me. It’s a great album and this is coming from a guy that wasn’t all down with the Traitors hype train. I am now though! Traitors have persuaded me to become a fan with this sweet Mental State release. If you haven’t already then give this album a listen today!

For fans of: Enterprise Earth and The Ten Last Seconds of Life
Favorite song: Irrelevant


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