Taiga – Sky (Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal)


How about some Russian depressive black metal? Taiga is a three piece band who has existed since 2013 and Sky is their third full-length album. Really quick work. The album starts off with massive riffs and reels you right in to stay and listen an hour to what Sky has to offer. Taiga slows it down on the later songs and gets into a more gloom and depressive mode with shrieking vocals that feels quite unsettling, quite cool.

Taiga has managed to release yet another class depressive black metal album with an very melancholic atmosphere and emotions. Sky brings you into a state of mind of anguish and sorrow in a very beautiful way. They mix the slow and heavy riffs with faster powerful ones in a way that just adds to the album and doesn’t feel forced. I can recommend this to any atmospheric or/and depressive black metal fans out there.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TaigaOfficialPage
For fans of: Is and Rotten Light
Favorite song: Вверх


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