Decomposed – Wither (Death Metal)


From Sundsvall, Sweden I find one of the best death metal albums this year with Decomposed’s third album Wither. I find it funny that I’ve never heard of Decomposed before. I mean, I love death metal and I being born and raised in Sweden kind of makes me have an extra eye on the Swedish death metal scene but for some reason Decomposed has gone bye my gaze. What makes it even more weird is that this is a one man project from what I gather! How in hell’s name can I have missed such an awesome human being, if he even is one because I am on to you, like Jesper Ekstål?

I have to say that sady this album is only 35 minutes long because damn would I love more of this sweet sweet death. Songs like Submerged and Upheaval are just pure death metal in the raw form death metal is meant to be played. Add the great cover art, which makes me think of the Coliseum, and you even get the complete package. Decomposed’s Wither is an old school death metal album any fan of the genre needs to have. There are no ifs or buts, just get it and wither away in the nothingness with me.

For fans of: Grave and Demonical
Favorite song: Submerged


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