Darkher – Realms (Doom Metal)


Beauty and darkness. That’s the two single words that could describe this whole album. Darkher is the alias of Jayn H. Wissenberg who, just like Myrkur last year, shows how beautiful yet very dark and heavy an female solo project can be (can’t really say I can name many more, if any). This is a really good trend and I hope more follow in their footsteps for the sake of good metal with great songwriting a rather unique sound. Realms is the debut full-length album by Darkher, the first release being an EP coming 2014 named The Kingdom Field which received great reviews.

Realms is a very emotional journey on fear, death and spirituality which is sure to leave a mark on the listener. As a good doom metal album rightly should in my opinion. It’s hard for me to chose which songs I like since you should really listen to the album in one go, it’s a 44 minute experience (see it as one song with different sections) that shows more emotions than any movie can. It needs to be experienced as a whole, simple as that.

I usually don’t go and compare music to video games, even though I am called The Metal Gamer. However if I would compare Darkher to a game it would be Limbo. I literally get flashbacks of me playing that game while listening to Realms. For those of you who have played Limbo the game has the same kind of theme as Realms does and the atmosphere feels almost the same, even darker in Realms. Realms by Darkher is an absolute given for doom fans.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DARKHERMUSIC
For fans of: Myrkur and Alcest
Favorite song: Buried, Pt. I (as I wrote though, listen to the whole album)


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