Beacons – Dark World (Deathcore)


Dark World is the follow-up from Beacons much liked full-length debut in 2014 Dead Thoughts. The duo Taylor Bryant and Kyle Carter that is Beacons have taken their music to the next level with Dark World as this album features a wide range of different metal styles. You got your melodic metal in Moving On, brutal deathcore in The Serpent Shepherd and sweet metalcore coming from A Product of Lies. Playing with several genres over an 13 track album isn’t that strange. However within the deathcore genre I usually find bands sticking to their one style throughout several albums without changing anything. Nothing wrong with that, if it aint broke don’t fix it. I just find it extra cool an deathcore act go with many styles. Thumbs up!

I got nothing but praise to give Beacons. From what I understand this album might not even have happened due to a lot of problems. To go from that and releasing one of the best albums yet released in 2016 is somewhat astonishing. Beacons does live up to the meaning of their band name and everyone should join the Dark World (join the dark side!) and what it has to offer.

For fans of: Thy Art is Murder and Oceano
Favorite song: A Product of Lies


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