Névoa – Re Un (Atmospheric Black Metal)


From the record label Avantgarde Music comes, what they do best, yet another atmospheric black metal album. This time it’s Névoa with their follow to The Absence of the Void named Re Un. Névoa is the brainchild of the Portuguese duo João Freire and Nuno Craveiro who created the band in 2014 and has already released two albums since the start, not bad. If you wonder where they got the name from Névoa means Mist/Haze in Portuguese.

As atmospheric black metal usually goes the songs are long and offers a lot of depth, with shifting tempo, great riffs and a lot of emotions put into it. The four songs are very varied type of sound and you can easily find bits and pieces in every single song you like. João and Nuno are definitely great musicians and eager to show their toolbox on Re Un. At times almost feel like a jazz session going on but hell of a lot more dark and gloom. Take that as you may but I personally like the way they approach atmospheric black metal and showing a wide range of skills throughout the whole album.

However there are some ups and downs on this album and at times it feels a bit too much all over the place. With that being said I salute João and Nuno for their work and I am sure Re Un will be a hit for many atmospheric black metal lovers.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nevoaofficial
For fans of: Wolves in the Throne Room and Agalloch
Favorite song: Closure


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