A Trust Unclean – Reality Relinquished (Deathcore/Technical Death Metal)


What do you get when you fuse Archspire together with A Night In Texas? You get Oxford’s heaviest metal band A Trust Unclean that’s what! This four piece shredding techdeath machine has already got a lot of hype surrounding them so I obviously had to listen to their EP Reality Relinquished.

The EP consists of five songs. They are brutal, technical and for sure got the groove in them. A Trust Unclean is a band that does live up to the hype. I won’t be surprised if I see them with a big tech death label behind them in a near future. 18 minutes, that’s all it took for A Trust Unclean to get a new fan. A wicked EP and the future for the British flagship that is A Trust Unclean is very bright.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atrustunclean
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/atrustuncleanuk
For fans of: Archspire and Arsis
Favorite song: Enucleation


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