Mist of Misery – Absence (Symphonic/Depressive Black Metal)


Hailing from Sweden featuring members from Hyperion. Seeing as Hyperion has released one of the best albums this year, I couldn’t let Mist of Misery slip my gaze. Also this is the third time I review an album from Black Lion Records (reviewed Hyperion and Vindland earlier), where all albums have been a pure joy to dig into. Absence is the bands second full-length after releasing Black Autumn 2011 in, yes you guessed it, 2011.

Even though Mist of Misery consists of two (out of their three members) Hyperion members their sound differs quite a bit. Both bands do draw influences from Dissection, who I just can’t stop praising, but in Mist of Misery’s case they sound more like Totalselfhatred and ColdWorld. Another two great bands to draw influences from. Absence got some very beautiful instrumental parts that lays the foundation of the depressive mood you are about to hit. Take the song Absence as an example, you can almost feel the cold death from the instrumental parts alone.

The whole album focuses a lot on setting the tone through slow symphonic piano, guitar and drums playing with other type of sounds like the sound of the wind in the background. Mist of Misery does it really well and after listening to Absence I am left here pondering about my existence, and it is really beautiful.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MistofMisery
For fans of: Totalselfhatred and ColdWorld
Favorite song: Mist of Misery


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