Lascar – Absence (Post-Black Metal)


Lascar is a one man band from Chile made by Gabriel Hugo two years ago with Absence being Hugo’s full-length debut. The album is 34 minutes long and consists of four tracks. Abscene takes a very atmospheric post-black metal road and you can definitely draw influences towards Ghost Bath and Wayfarer in both the sound and lyrical theme. The cover art is great and a reproduction of “Sterbender Hirsch” (“Dying Deer”), the covert art straight away sets the tone for the album and what is to come. An emotional journey in the wilderness, much like Wayfarer’s Old Souls’s that I reviewed a couple months back.

Abscene leaves a lot of the work to the instrument parts and the vocals are quite distant but that just sets the whole nature theme more into light. Perfect album to dream away on, why not have it on while taking a long walk in the forest for the weekend? Or just put your earphones on, completely in your zone, and take that walk in your very own room.

For fans of: Ghost Bath and Wayfarer
Favorite song: Wilderness


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