Nothgard – The Sinner’s Sake (Epic Melodic Death Metal)


Nothgard’s third full-length release The Sinner’s Sake is the bands first with the new bass player Nico Kolja. Nothgard, as some of you probably know, is basically a German supergroup with members from Wolfchant and Equilibrium. Both within the folk genre and kind of epic in their own ways, so it isn’t a surprise to hear Nothgard having raving solos, wicked drumming and simply great melodic epic music. With that said they have more in common with Ensiferum and is a mix of the Finnish (Ensiferum, Brymir and even Children of Bodom) and German (Equilibrium and Suidakra) epic folk sound.

The band does pull it off really well and the orchestral parts, like the whole intro song Glittering Shades especially , does make it truly epic. On a side note the album cover art looks great too. I feel almost any song here could be put into a single as they are so epic it hurts. The riffs are roaring like thunder that some power metal bands can only dream off, the drums beating like mjölnir and vocals powerful like Thor himself. Basically together they make a mean epic melodic death metal God. For me this is one of the biggest surprises within the epic music genre. Might be because this is my first run in with Nothgard, or it’s simply because they’ve made an….wait for it… epic album.

For fans of: Equilibrium and Ensiferum
Favorite song: From Lambs To Lions


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